Neeto Pricing philosophy

Neeto is building 20+ products at the same time. Some of these products have built-in distribution mechanism. For example, NeetoCal, NeetoForm, NeetoChat, NeetoQuiz, and NeetoSite, all feature "Powered by neeto" in their free plan.

This branding approach means that whenever individuals use these Neeto products, they promote the Neeto brand to others, contributing to neeto's growth.

Alternatively, Neeto could generate revenue by charging users and using that money for Google ads, a common approach for many companies. However, Neeto has chosen a different route. Rather than charging users and spending money on advertisements, Neeto prefers to offer its products for free as much as possible. In return, Neeto users help promote the Neeto brand.

This pricing philosophy influences the features offered in the free plans of Neeto products. Neeto products featuring the Neeto brand provide more extensive features for free. In contrast, products like NeetoDesk and NeetoPlanner, which lack built-in distribution mechanism, are designed to be more competitive in pricing.

Another factor influencing our pricing is that Neeto is not a single-product company. We are not just a calendar or a form company. We are building a lot of products. This means we could afford to give some products for free a bit more to attract users. Once users start using one product, they invariably start using other products, too.